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Fibers and Fibre Optic Sensors
Fibers and Fiber Optic Sensors
Fibre Optics is most suitable for the use in narrow application areas. Sensing heads with diameter of only 1,5 mm are available. Since fibre optics have no electronic parts they can be used in temperature areas of up to +350 C, in chemical areas and even in a vacuum environment.
The fibre optic sensor can be mounted outside the application area. Its digital display provides the operation feedback.

  • Broad range of small, precise sensing heads
  • High performance fiber optics sensors with digital displays
  • Detection of very small objects
  • Short response time
  • Analog and digital outputs

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Laser Sensors
Laser Sensors
Diffuse sensors with a laser light source and background suppression have been especially developed for very precise positioning tasks. Even very small targets like threads or connecting wires of electronic components are accurately detectable due to a well-collimated laser beam. Applications that previously called for expensive devices or may have been considered impossible to solve with standard diffuse sensors may now be realized.


  • Visible red laser beam
  • Small spot size
  • Fast response time
  • Optimized for dark and shiny surfaces
  • Analog and digital output

A comprehensive range is available from stock at discounted prices.

ASI Sensors (Actuator Sensor Interface)
AS-Interface is a simple low cost, low level networking solution for discrete I/O.

A comprehensive range of AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) components are available from stock at discounted prices.
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